2-in-1 LiDAR Solution
Topographic + Bathymetric Mapping

ASTRALiTe's patented LiDAR overcomes the limitations of traditional bathymetric LiDAR. 
For the first time, it is possible to measure features underwater at cm-level depth resolution.

Underwater Infrastructure

Shallow Water Surveying

Natural Disaster: 
Assessment & Recovery

Military Logistics

  • Dam/Levee Integrity

  • Bridge Foundations

  • Mapping Shipping Channels

  • Pipeline Locations

  • Coastal Mapping

  • Inland Bodies of Water

  • Riverine Morphology

  • Near-shore Environments

  • Flood Mapping

  • Hurricane / Storm surge

  • Beach Recovery

  • Real-Time Water Levels

  • Search and Rescue

  • Real-time Riverine and
    Littoral Mapping


  • Underwater Hazards Detection — Special Ops

EDGE is now the optimal choice for small area tactical surveys of topo-bathy settings 

to capture high-definition

3D point clouds...

Problems measuring water depth

or identifying features in shallow water depth?

We can help.

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